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Friday, 2 September 2016

Kossan's Low Derma Technology invested RM 2 million pumped in research and development says Good Stocks!

Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd has launched a technology that makes medical gloves for chemical accelerators.

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Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd has dispatched another licensed innovation that makes restorative gloves appropriate to the individuals who are additional touchy to compound quickening agents.

Kossan's Low Derma Technology, which has seen RM2 million pumped in innovative work, is supported by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

"We have been dealing with this new item since 2004 and the patent was connected for in 2009," said Kossan bunch overseeing chief and CEO Datuk Lim Kuang Sia at the dispatch of this premiumly-estimated variation here today.

Since the administration's Economic Transformation Program 2010, the elastic business has experienced an auxiliary change. The production of medicinal gloves is presently seen as high innovation and information situated in addressing human services needs.

More architects, scientists and marking specialists are being contracted to robotize the assembling forms, calibrate item plans and market homegrown brands. As glove producers turn out to be progressively a learning driven industry, they are valuing their fares in like manner.

"We've set out on broad exploration into Low Derma Tech with Midori Anzen. Going ahead, we will join Low Derma Tech into different applications, since we hold the licenses over the US, Japan, China, Russia, Taiwan and Europe for a long time," Lim said.

As of now, Kossan's yearly introduced limit aggregates 22 billion pieces. Lim said the gathering is contributing some RM100 million to set up new lines and further robotize more procedures in existing creation.

Kossan's specialized guide Datuk Dr Ong Eng Long noticed this new variation, brand-named CHEMAX:registered: seventh Sense, is reasonable for specialists and attendants who are overly sensitive to compound quickening agents in therapeutic gloves.

"Kossan's Low Derma Tech attempts to dispose of hypersensitivity bringing on quickening agents in the glove-production process while as yet guaranteeing that the gloves have the same or unrivaled elasticity, adaptability and affectability," Ong said.

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