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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Four Stock Trading Picks to Initiate Trading in KLSE Stock Market

While investing in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, a trader requires some basic investment methods. Many newbie has a philosophy to invest capital without implementing any methodologies, in order to earn fast cash.
To trade in Bursa Malaysia stock market, you must have trading accounts prior to buy stocks in the market. In addition, here are some trading methodologies mentioned which is must to start trading in KLSE stock market.
Opening of Central Depository System Account:
Opening of an account can be done by approaching to reliable depositary agent like as from banks. Have to provide Xerox of your identity & you will get account document my mail.
Next is to open a Trading Account via Stock broker:
This process is accomplished parallely with CDS account. Trading account requires your proof of income statement firstly. Further, you have to fill a form and agent will check your credit status to clear the process and to set limit.
A CDS account provides following Allowance:
ü  A trader can buy & sell shares through proper KLSE Stock Picks.
ü  You can trade non-equity counters like as warrant & bonds.
ü  As you keep your capital secure in bank account, similarly you keep shares in CDS account also you can have more than one CDS account.
ü  Direct & Pledge is the two types of account. If having direct account, you will receive dividend checks.
ü  Having pledge account, your agent will receive dividend payout prospectus on the behalf of yours.  
ü  CDS account statement will be deliverable on monthly basis. In spite of having no activity, you will get the statement.
Buying & Selling Shares:
You can make an order through online system provided by agent to buy & sell shares. If buying order resembles with selling order, you will get a trading confirmation. Further, by getting trading confirmation you can start investing by getting trustworthy KSLE stock signals.
 Summing Up:

Following the above mentioned methods are mandatory when initiating to trade in Bursa Malaysia stock market. Furthermore, the understanding of trading fundamentals about the listed company is to be known to trade.