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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Malaysian Shares rose to close at a near five-month high today, after a strong showing in regional and US markets.

Trading volume increased to 2.02 billion shares worth RM2.98 billion.

Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: Malaysian shares rose to close at an almost five-month high today, determined by enhanced assumption after a solid appearing in territorial and US markets. 

The share trading system's benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) file rose 0.77 for every penny to close at 1,716.34 focuses, its most noteworthy since October 20, a year ago. 

Exchanging volume expanded to 2.02 billion shares worth RM2.98 billion. 

Examiners said the execution of the FBM KLCI file was in accordance with overnight picks up in Wall Street taking after higher oil costs and the Federal Reserve's declaration a day prior. 

They said securities exchanges in the locale have profited from recouping US offers. 

An examiner from a nearby research firm credited the energy to the impact of Wall Street picks up and the recuperation of market certainty. 

"The market is improving. Financial specialists are picking up certainty and the great opinion is back," the expert revealed to Business Times when reached today. 

Bloomberg announced that Southeast Asian stocks are bobbing once again from a bear showcase, outpacing worldwide records as outside speculators pour in the midst of recouping economies. 

The MSCI South East Asia Index is up very nearly 20 for every penny from an end low on January 21. Driving the way is Philippine shares, additionally on the precarious edge of entering a buyer showcase, considered by many to be a 20 for each penny bounce back in view of shutting costs. 

It said Southeast Asian markets are bouncing back as quickening financial development and more quiet monetary forms draw in speculators looking for asylum from the unpredictability shaking markets in China and Japan this year. 

That is an inversion of fortunes from 2015 when the locale's value gage dove 21 for every penny as prospects for higher US rates impelled capital surges, it included. 

Oil costs bounced to their most abnormal amounts this year as the dollar debilitated and speak proceeded about OPEC boss Saudi Arabia and non-OPEC makers drove by Russia will meet on April 17. 

US benchmark West Texas Intermediate had shut above US$40 interestingly this year in overnight exchange on Thursday, progressing US$1.75 to end the US session at US$40.20 a barrel, its most astounding close since December 3. 

In early Asian exchanging, US light rough increased 0.15 for every penny to US$40.26 a barrel, while worldwide benchmark Brent unrefined was for the most part unaltered at US$41.57 a barrel in the wake of hitting a 2016 high of US$41.60 in the US session.

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      Monday, 30 January 2017

      Top Stock Exchanges in World.... KLSE & SGX On a Struggling Way !!!

      Image result for Investors Invest Around the WORLD 2017

      Investors Invest Around the WORLD

      Stock markets globally are worth more than $70 trillion (£52.5 trillion), with investors buying and selling enormous values of shares every day in locations from Papua New Guinea all the way to Barbados. Some markets, however, are worth an awful lot more than others. 

      List Of Major Stock Exchanges

      1. New York Stock Exchange —$18.8 trillion.

      2. NASDAQ — $7.5 trillion.

      3. Japan Exchange Group — $4.9 trillion.

      4. Shanghai Stock Exchange — $3.9 trillion.

      5. London Stock Exchange — $3.6 trillion.

      6. Euronext — $3.4 trillion.

      7. Shenzhen Stock Exchange — $3.2 trillion.

      8. Hong Kong Stock Exchange — $3.1 trillion.

      9. TMX Group — $1.9 trillion.

      10. Deutsche Boerse — $1.7 trillion.

      11. National Stock Exchange of India — $1.6 trillion.

      12. SIX Swiss Exchange — $1.5 trillion.

      13. Korea Exchange — $1.4 trillion.

      14. Australian Securities Exchange —$1.3 trillion.

      15. NASDAQ Nordic Exchanges — $1.28 trillion.

      16. Johannesburg Stock Exchange — $1.1 trillion.

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      Saturday, 28 January 2017

      Festival & Events of Malaysia which Lay your Pocket in 2017

      BURSA KLSE Happenings ...

      2017 Coming Months


      Chinese New Year  : 28th January to 11th February 2017

      Image result for Chinese New Year 

      February :

      Thaipusam in Batu Caves : 9th February 2017

      Valentine's Day : 14th February 2017

      Image result for Valentine's Day

      March :

      MyBalloonFiesta 2017 : 10th To 12th March, 2017

      Matta Travel Fair in Kuala Lumpur 2017 : 17th to 19th March 2017


      Urbanscapes Kuala Lumpur 2017 : April until May, 2017


      KL International Jazz Festival 2017 : May 2017

      Ramadan Month (Fasting Month) : 25th May to 24th June, 2017

      Image result for Ramadan Month

      June :

      Hari Raya AidilFitri 2017 : 25th & 26th June, 2017

      Image result for Hari Raya AidilFitri


      Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival : End of July to August 2017

      August :

      Hari Merdeka (Malaysia's National Day) : 31st August

      Image result for Hari Merdeka (Malaysia's National Day)

      September :

      Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 : 4th September, 2017

      Image result for Mid-Autumn Festival 2017


      Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2017 : 29th September to 1st October, 2017

      MotoGP Malaysia 2017 : 27th to 29th October, 2017

      Related image

      HeliPad Cinema : October (TBA) 2017

      Deepavali 2017 : 18th October, 2017

      Image result for Deepavali


      Christmas Festival : Throughout December

      Image result for Christmas

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      Friday, 27 January 2017

      Oil prices dipped on Friday, with rising crude.

      Image result for Oil prices dipped on Friday, with rising crude. 2017

      Brent crude futures, were trading at US$56.14 per barrel, down 10 cents from their last close.

      Multi Management and Future Solutions Singapore: Oil costs plunged on Friday, with rising unrefined yield from the United States balancing endeavors by OPEC and different makers to slice supplies to prop up the market. 

      Brent unrefined fates, the universal benchmark at oil costs, were exchanging at US$56.14 per barrel at 0132 GMT, down 10 pennies from their last close. 

      US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) unrefined fates dropped 2 pennies to US$53.76 a barrel. 

      Dealers said that endeavors by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and different makers including Russia to slice supplies to decrease a worldwide fuel shade were being balanced by rising yield in the United States, bringing about range-bound costs. 

      "Showcase members are hyper-centered around two issues: shale's reaction to higher costs and OPEC consistence," Barclays bank said. 

      "Makers and OPEC nations are all talking their books, yet the jury is still out," it included, alluding to across the board suspicion over consistence with reported cuts. 

      The British bank said it expected Brent and WTI costs to normal US$55 and US$53 per barrel separately for the main quarter. 

      OPEC and different makers have consented to cut creation by right around 1.8 million barrels for every day (bpd) for the principal half of 2017 to battle a supply shade that has seen between 1 million and 2 million bpd of rough being delivered in overabundance of utilization in the course of recent years. 

      US oil generation, in any case, has ascended by around a large portion of a million bpd since mid-2016 to 8.96 million bpd, counterbalancing noteworthy measures of any OPEC-drove supply cut.

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          Wednesday, 25 January 2017

          South Korea’s central bank says They agreed with Malaysian counterpart to extend an existing currency swap agreement.

          Image result for South Korea’s central bank Malaysia counterpart

          Malaysia Central Bank Says: 15 billion ringgit (US$3.38 billion), will be valid from 1/25 Wednesday to 1/24, 2020.

          Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: South Korea's national bank said on Wednesday it concurred with its Malaysian partner to expand a current cash swap assention between the two nations. 

          The new course of action, unaltered from the past settlement that lets either nation swap 5.0 trillion won (US$4.29 billion) for 15 billion ringgit (US$3.38 billion), will be legitimate from Wednesday to Jan 24, 2020, the Bank of Korea said in an announcement. 

          South Korea and Malaysia consented to their first swap arrangement in 2013, which was legitimate for a long time. It was set to lapse last October, yet authorities from both nations consented to develop the swap a year ago in working-level talks, a Bank of Korea authority told Reuters. 

          The BOK articulation said this restoration of the understanding would help support reciprocal exchange and budgetary collaboration.

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              Tuesday, 24 January 2017

              Big blow to Malaysian commodities, especially palm oil.

              Related image
              US President Donald Trump’s signing of the executive action to withdraw from the TPP.

              Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: US President Donald Trump's marking of the official activity to pull back from the TPP yesterday is a major hit to Malaysian wares, particularly palm oil. 

              Manor Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong said Trump's choice will affect the Malaysian government's objective of creating up to RM20 billion from the offer of unrefined palm oil to the 12-part TPP aggregate by 2021. 

              He said that at present, the nation produces RM13 billion from the offer of palm oil to the 12 nations in the TPP aggregate, even without the conclusion of the TPP. 

              The RM20 billion projection depended on the supposition that American taxes against palm oil would have been expelled once the US turned into a signatory to the Trans-Pacific settlement. 

              In spite of the mishap, Mah said that he expects the fare of palm oil to grow 5-8 for every penny this year, and that the normal cost will hit RM2,700 per metric ton in 2017. 

              The figures depend on Malaysia's forceful push for palm oil in nations like India, and in addition the arranged FTA with Iran, which will open up the Malaysian ware to an extensive new market. 

              Mah was talking today at the 'nineteenth Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference 2017' sorted out by Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI).

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                  Monday, 23 January 2017

                  Most Asia Market's are Up !!! As Trump takes Charge Dollar Down ....

                  Related image
                  Donald Trump began his presidency Promises America first and hitting out at global trade deals.

                  Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: Trump's introduction discourse Friday proceeded with his crusade talk, saying "each choice on exchange, on assessments, on movement, on outside issues will be made to profit American specialists and American families." 

                  On Sunday he promised to begin renegotiating the North American Free-Trade Agreement amid up and coming chats with Mexico and Canada. 

                  "Markets are currently sitting tight for more confirmation that Donald Trump will convey on financial jolt and deregulation," Shane Oliver, Sydney-based worldwide speculation strategist at AMP Capital Investors, told Bloomberg News. 

                  "Offers stay helpless against a further adjustment or combination in the following month or somewhere in the vicinity." 

                  In any case, the dollar – which took off in November and December on desire Trump's enormous spending, assess cutting, deregulation arrangements would fan swelling – kept on battling in January. 

                  Trump a week ago said the greenback was excessively solid against China's yuan and guaranteed this was "murdering" the US economy. 

                  The beset stock, which has lost the greater part its reasonable worth in seven days, fell by its every day confine, extending a losing streak to a 6th session. 

                  Sydney was likewise down, shedding 0.8 percent, and Hong Kong gave back early advances to exchange level toward the evening. 

                  In any case, Shanghai shut everything down percent, while Seoul was possibly higher and Singapore included 0.3 percent. Taipei surged one percent in front of seven days in length Lunar New Year occasion and there were sound picks up in Manila and Bangkok. 

                  Further Recommendations By

                  Tokyo - Nikkei 225: DOWN 1.3 percent at 18,891.03 (close) 

                  Shanghai - Composite: UP 0.4 percent at 3,136.77 (close) 

                  Hong Kong - Hang Seng: FLAT at 22,880.41 

                  Euro/dollar: UP at $1.0746 from $1.0699 

                  Pound/dollar: UP at $1.2433 from $1.2368 

                  Dollar/yen: DOWN at 113.40 yen from 114.60 yen 

                  Oil - West Texas Intermediate: DOWN six cents at $53.16 per barrel 

                  Oil - Brent North Sea: DOWN two cents at $55.47 

                  New York - Dow: UP 0.5 percent at 19,827.25 (close) 

                  London - FTSE 100: DOWN 0.1 percent at 7,198.44 (close)

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