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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Consumer Price Index Rose By 1.5 Percent for August : Ask KLSE BURSA

Index for Daily Consumer’s: Alcoholic, Tobacco, Food, Meat, Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables and Non Alcoholic Beverages.
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Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: The Consumer Price Index ascended by 1.5 for each penny in August contrasted with that month a year ago.

As per the Statistics Department, the file for mixed refreshments and tobacco ascended by 19.7 for each penny drove the expansion took after by entertainment administrations and society (3.6 for every penny).

"The general file is additionally affected by the diminishing in costs of transport gathering by 6.7 for every penny, correspondence (- 2.4 for every penny) and dress and footwear (- 0.6 for every penny).

" The file for nourishment and non-mixed refreshments (weight: 30.2) rose 3.5 for every penny on a year-on-year premise in August 2016.

The expansion was driven by increments in four sustenance sub-aggregates to be specific, meat (6.9 for every penny), fish and fish (5.2 for each penny), organic products (3.9 for every penny) and vegetables (3.1 for every penny).

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