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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

International Trade and Industry Ministry Says Export and Import Was Lower by 5.1% and 4.8% Resp. Ask KLSE BURSA

Exports for July weakened by 5.3 per cent. 
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Multi Management and Future Solutions Malaysia: Exports for July debilitated by 5.3 for each penny year-on-year on the back of weaker interest for fabricated products, rural and mining merchandise.

The International Trade and Industry Ministry said exchange was lower by 5.1 for every penny to RM117.79 billion with imports additionally bring down by 4.8 for each penny.

July denoted the 225th back to back month of exchange surpluses recorded since November 1997.

The 3.9 for every penny diminish in fabricated merchandise was because of lower fares of electrical and electronic (E&E) items.

MITI said higher fares were however recorded for optical and exploratory gear, elastic items, transport hardware, prepared sustenance, iron and steel items and in addition chemicals and synthetic items.

Lower fares of palm oil and characteristic elastic (9.6 for each penny and 43.9 for every penny separately) additionally prompted the lower numbers in the farming area.

Mining merchandise fares was lower because of lower shipments of condensed normal gas.

As far as business sectors, MITI said fares to Asean extended by 4.7 for every penny, and fares to the US likewise ascended by 4.1 for each penny.

Trades however contracted to China (down 22.3 for every penny), Japan (down 14.5 for every penny) and the EU (down 2 for each penny).

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