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Friday, 2 March 2018

Ringgit rebounded; depreciated against the Singapore dollar; weakened against the yen; decreased against the euro; it rose against the British pound.

Malaysia: The ringgit rebounded from yesterday’s losses to open higher against the US dollar today.
At 9.15am, the local note was quoted at 3.9120/9150 versus the greenback from Thursday’s 3.9270/9300.
The local note, however, was traded mostly lower against a basket of other major currencies.
It depreciated against the Singapore dollar to 2.9600/9630 from Thursday’s 2.9577/9605, weakened against the yen to 3.6812/6851 from 3.6777/6822 and decreased against the euro to 4.7992/8041 from 4.7831/7875 yesterday.
However, it rose against the British pound to 5.3888/3933 from 5.3953/3014 on Thursday.

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