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Thursday, 8 March 2018

#Ringgit opened marginally higher; rose slightly against the Singapore dollar, appreciated against the yen, against the euro, the ringgit rose, depreciated against the British pound.

Malaysia: The ringgit opened marginally higher against the US dollar this morning amid uncertainty over the US’ proposed import tariffs and the resignation of its top economic adviser, Gary Cohn.
At 9am, the local note was quoted at 3.9020/9060 against the greenback from Wednesday's 3.9030/9080.
Meanwhile, the local note was traded mostly higher against a basket of other major currencies.
It rose slightly against the Singapore dollar to 2.9675/9717 from Wednesday's 2.9687/9730, and appreciated against the yen to 3.6777/6825 from 3.6950/6008.
Against the euro, the ringgit rose to 4.8408/8473 from 4.8483/8561, but depreciated against the British pound to 5.4246/4317 from 5.4107/4192 on Wednesday.

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