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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

BNM #short-term rates intervening to absorb excess #liquidity from the financial system.

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Malaysia: Short-term rates are expected to remain stable today with Bank Negara Malaysia intervening to absorb excess liquidity from the financial system.
Bank Negara estimated today's liquidity at RM37.28 billion in the conventional system and RM12.79 billion in Islamic funds.
The central bank will conduct conventional money market tenders of RM3 billion for seven days, RM3 billion for 14 days, RM2 billion for 21 days and RM3 billion for 33 days.
It will also conduct Qard tenders of RM800 million for seven days and RM400 million for 14 days.
At 4pm, Bank Negara will conduct up to RM26.3 billion in conventional overnight tender and a RM10 billion Qard overnight tender.

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