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Thursday, 30 November 2017

#higher-interest-rate; Malaysia’s investors already riding the wave of a robust global demand.

Malaysia: The ringgit opened marginally lower against the US dollar today, weighed down by the decline in the oil prices, dealers said.
At 9 am, the local unit was traded at 4.0840/0890 against the US dollar from 4.0800/0830 on Wednesday.
OANDA Head of Trading Asia-Pacific, Stephen Innes, said despite the lower oil prices, the foreign exchange (FX) market should continue to express its bullish Asia FX views through the ringgit which rallied again yesterday pushing through a 52-week high.
"The unexpected arrival of interest rate normalisation is taking hold of the sentiment. And with Malaysia's investors already riding the wave of a robust global demand, the higher interest rate scenario is adding to the ringgit's appeal.
"Since the market has still not fully priced in a January rate increase nor the real prospects of a follow-up interest rate rise the second or third quarter, the rally could extend well into year-end as traders set sights on the critical 4.00 level for the ringgit against the US dollar," said Innes.
Against a basket of major currencies, the local note was mixed.
It rose against the Singapore dollar to 3.0317/0361 from 3.0330/0364 on Wednesday and increased against the yen to 3.6458/6512 from 3.6598/6629 yesterday.
The ringgit fell against the British pound to 5.4795/4874 from 5.4660/4716 yesterday and against the euro, it eased to 4.8416/8487 from 4.8409/8461 on Wednesday.

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