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Friday, 15 December 2017

Refine trading & risk management strategies; New & enhanced trading features; Efficient & facilitation market framework; Greater breadth of investment & market participants.

Malaysia: Bursa Malaysia has enhanced order types and validity trading features to enable investors to manage orders as well as refine trading and risk management strategies with greater flexibility.
Chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan said the introduction of new and enhanced trading features is aligned to the growing sophistication of market participants.
"The exchange will continue to undertake initiatives to provide a more efficient and facilitative market framework, complementing our efforts of making available a greater breadth of investment product offerings.
"Though seemingly incremental in isolation, these initiatives will collectively move us towards our vision of being the region's leading marketplace," he said.
As Bursa Malaysia becomes one of the leading centers for trading in the region, the exchange will continue to extract further value from its trading engine to broaden trading opportunities for market participants, he added.
The new trading feature includes Good-Till-Cancel, a new order validity that remains in the order book until it expires after 30 calendar days, or is cancelled by the investor or withdrawn by the Exchange before expiry.
The enhanced feature, on the other hand, includes Stop Market and Stop Limit which allows investors to submit these order types with pairing of Day, Good-Till-Date or Good-Till-Cancel validity.
These enhancements also allow Stop Orders to be submitted during Pre-Opening and Pre-Closing phases.
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