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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Yesterday, Ringgit strengthened against the British pound, increased against the euro also, better against the Singapore dollar but eased against the yen.

Malaysia: The ringgit closed slightly lower against the US dollar today on lack of fresh buying interest, a dealer said.
At 6pm, the local unit (Daily Forex Signals) was quoted at 3.9800/9850 from last Friday's 3.9790/9830.
Meanwhile, the ringgit closed mostly higher against a basket of other major currencies.
It strengthened against (Forex Signal Malaysia) the British pound to 5.3037/3116 from 5.3128/3197 on Friday, and increased against the euro to 4.6435/6505 from 4.6606/6665 previously.
It was better against the Singapore dollar at 2.9690/9739 from Friday's 2.9721/9753, but eased against the yen to 3.6370/6419 from 3.6348/6391.

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