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Friday, 29 July 2016

How to Gain Money in BURSA... It's a True Story or not!

Is It Possible an KLSE Investor - Jimmy Makes 1000% Gain from Bursa Malaysia within The First Half of 2016!

This is an anecdote about how Jimmy swings RM10k to RM100k in KLSE inside the main portion of 2016.

Jimmy had a capital of RM10, 000 and all through the principal half of 2016, he just exchanged 2 stocks.

In the start of 2016, he examined the impacts of declining oil cost and reached a conclusion that aeronautics part could advantage to a great extent from it.

He picked AAX-WA as it offers the best influence.

He purchased 200k units of AAX-WA at RM0.05 on thirteenth of Jan 2016.

AAX reported an arrival to dark on its Feb QR and its cost surged.

Jimmy was persuaded with the execution and chose to keep holding AAX-WA notwithstanding its to a great degree high premium.

In the middle of, Jimmy had been always concentrating on different stocks that can offer him great return in KLSE.

Out of 1000 of stocks in KLSE he discovered EMETALL.

He found that EMETALL had additionally quite recently recuperated from making misfortunes on Feb 2016.

In any case, he was confused and uncertain why EMTALL cost was not moving.

Thus he kept on holding AAX-WA, in the interim nearly observed EMETALL.

In early Apr, he saw EMETALL began to have activity.

In the meantime, AAX-WA additionally began to bounce back following 1 month of remedy.

After a few studies, he chose to locate a decent cost to offer his AAX-WA and switch to EMETALL.

On twentieth of Apr 2016, he sold all his AAX-WA at RM0.22. (allude AAX-WA value graph)

His capital together with benefit had gotten to be RM44k.

He then exchanged all his cash to EMETALL.

On the following day, 21st of Apr 2016, he purchased 125k units of EMETALL at RM0.35.

By end of May, EMETALL reported another great QR and brought on its cost to move higher.

Inside 2 weeks, the great QR had driven EMETALL cost from RM0.47 to most elevated at RM0.9, just about 100% addition.

Jimmy felt that the rally had gotten to be unreasonable and he chose to offer EMETALL.

He sold all his EMETALL at RM0.875 on tenth Jun 2016. (allude EMETALL value graph)

His capital together with benefit had now gotten to be RM110k, which is equal to 1000% increase of his capital.

Furthermore, the story closes here… .


Anyway, what lesson does Jimmy's story show us?

Firstly, it is conceivable to make benefit from KLSE when more extensive business sector fails to meet expectations.

Furthermore, it is even conceivable to make gigantic increase, a 1000% addition, from KLSE inside brief period.

Thirdly, with adequate information and abilities, it is feasible for us to win in KLSE.

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